Motorcycle Towing

Your motorcycle is in safe hands with our Ballarat bike towing experts

If your ride has broken down or has been involved in an accident, you want to ensure it will be transported to your home or garage carefully to prevent further damage.

Our bike towing services are available around the clock, extending across the Ballarat region. From start to finish, our experienced team will not let you down.

We have all of the appropriate, specialised equipment required to tow broken down motorcycles on Ballarat roads, including bridles and the right strapping cables. Your vehicle will be properly secured, with zero risk of it moving around the flatbed during the process.

As well as emergency and accident recovery jobs, our team is also available for a range of other needs like repossession, illegal parking and more. Trust us for jobs across:

Transportation to race meets: If you are looking to test out a performance vehicle that may not be street-legal but is approved for racing meets, we can help you get to your destination safely. Our team is meticulous through the entire motorcycle towing process and your prized machine will be looked after. Hit the track without a single scratch, ready to tear up the asphalt.

Purchasing and sales: Don’t risk trying to drive a motorcycle home if it is not properly registered for use on Victorian roads. Ourquick bike towing team will get your purchase to your target destination safe and sound, including your own home or a mechanic’s workshop. From there, you can get all necessary work done for registration requirements, without attracting the attention of authorities and the fines and penalties that could ensue.

For more information on our cheap bike towing services or to reach us for an emergency job, contact the team on 0487 094 841.