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Vehicle Towing Specialists – Towing Service Ballarat and surrounding areas

We all know how inconvenient it can be when your car breaks down and generally happens at the worst time possible.

Pitbull Towing offers 24 hour Towing service in Ballarat and surrounding areas. We will tow your car interstate if required, to their home or to their place of choice. We always look after our customers in price plus we work as quickly as possible to alleviate the stress of the situation.

  • Car Towing
  • Forklift Towing
  • Cheap Towing
  • Clearway Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Carpark Towing
  • Abandoned Vehicle Towing
  • Transport & Car Freight
  • Trade Towing
  • Car Carrier
  • Car Transport
  • Vehicle Repossession
  • Police Impoundment
  • Vehicle Immobilisation
  • Emergency Towing

Quick car towing services for Ballarat

When your vehicle breaks down, it’s no doubt an incredibly stressful time. Our experts want to take the stress out of situations like this, offering a highly reputable and experienced team of drivers in the heart of Ballarat. Trust us for cheap towing services to get you back to where you need to be, and out of harm’s way.


Our team is on call for you when you need us most. Offering highly affordable and reliable services to ensure your vehicle makes it home safe and sound, or to the mechanic, we’ll ensure your needs are met from start to finish. Moreover, our fleet and drivers are properly licenced and insured, as well as backed by years of experience in the industry. Choose us for fast and reputable vehicle towing services around-the-clock.

Ballarat Car Towing &
Car Removal Service


Apart from our outstanding support, you will also get a compassionate ear. We know how stressful times like this can be and our team is equipped with excellent customer service skills and strong local knowledge to help guide you through the process. We can even connect you with the best local mechanics and allay the pressure you’re feeling.

We’re not just an emergency provider, though. We are also available for a range of other vehicle removal and car towing services across Ballarat, including jobs associated with individuals, businesses and government organisations.

While we are a local team in Ballarat, we are also available to relocate your vehicle to the right destination, which includes interstate situations.

To find out how we can help you with your needs, get in touch with our friendly team on 0487 094 841.

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