Abandoned Vehicle Towing

Cheap abandoned vehicle towing for Ballarat properties

Our team is ready and experienced so you can have the professionals remove or relocate an abandoned vehicle from any location across the Ballarat region.

We understand the inconvenience these cars can cause, especially when they are obstructing access, preventing customers from parking at your premises or just creating a general eyesore.


Before you contact us for cheap abandoned vehicle towing in Ballarat, though, it is imperative that both parties go through the proper processes first. The first step is determining if the car has been ditched, stolen or if the owner may be coming back.

You can remove an unsightly or inconveniently placed car as long as it is classed as such under Victorian legislation. That means the registration must be expired or cancelled (which you can check on the VicRoads website), the vehicle has had its licence plates removed or if it is registered but has not been moved for a period of time of two months or longer.

It is important to check the licence plates through the VicRoads website before any action is taken and if the car is listed as stolen, then the authorities should be called before you independently have it removed. When you’re ready to have it relocated, call your local council and they will take the proper measures to enlist a company like Pitbull for quick, cheap abandoned vehicle towing in Ballarat

Otherwise please feel free to contact the friendly team here at Pitbull and we will ensure the process is conducted professionally and in accordance with all local laws. You can contact our team on 0487 094 841.